We All Need Rocks

No I don't mean physical rocks! I mean human rocks ๐Ÿ™‚ The last few weeks I have slacked on the blog posts & you will have to forgive me because Ireland transformed into the Mediterranean in May and I have not been able to handle it at all. With a little bit of help and... Continue Reading →



One of the first posts I did on this site was titled 25, so the day after my 26th birthday, I feel it's only fitting to title this one 26! In the last year I've learnt a lot, more so about myself and the people around me. Slowly but surely I am realising that I... Continue Reading →

Try One More Time

Guess Whose Back.....Back Again....Blogs Are Back ....Tell A Friend ๐Ÿ™‚ How much of a Rachel Greene am I? One bad experience with the blogging and I just threw the towel in overnight! I gave up on my passion and recently have asked myself why and I genuinely did not have a good enough answer. My... Continue Reading →


So that time again when the motivational speeches & quotes and the 'new year new me' resolutions roll into town. The month to make new decisions & routines, to brush off your shoulders and lift your head up once more and give yourself that kick up the arse you've been promising yourself since later November... Continue Reading →

Imagine All The People

It's just one word but it can take you to a whole other dimension. If you simply take yourself out of your world, sit back and just imagine. What should you imagine you may ask? I don't know really, I guess people imagine different things every hour every day of course, but have you ever... Continue Reading →

Hazards To Humanity

Where do I begin? First of all read the feature image,click it and read it. How true is that? The world is now a place where we are made unhappy in order to get stuff to make us happy? Advertising & influencing at it's finest or humanity at its lowest? You decide. I could probably... Continue Reading →

Have A Laugh

Bare with me on this one. Remember in my previous post I spoke about how you can have those days where you feel the world is out to get you? Well this post is about turning that feeling on its head and pulling yourself out of it. A few weeks ago I was feeling as... Continue Reading →

Giving Up & Getting On

Ever have those days, weeks or even months where you feel like nothing is going your way and it's one thing after another going wrong and the powers that be to which you believe in are out to get you? ย And you want to kill everyone that gets on your last nerve? Relate? Yes, okay... Continue Reading →


If there's one thing in this life I have learned its that people come and go in and out of your life. It's apart of the learning curve that is life. This will always happen with friends. Some people grow up together and stay friends forever and there's something very admirable about that, if you... Continue Reading →

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