Giving Up & Getting On

Ever have those days, weeks or even months where you feel like nothing is going your way and it's one thing after another going wrong and the powers that be to which you believe in are out to get you?  And you want to kill everyone that gets on your last nerve? Relate? Yes, okay... Continue Reading →


If there's one thing in this life I have learned its that people come and go in and out of your life. It's apart of the learning curve that is life. This will always happen with friends. Some people grow up together and stay friends forever and there's something very admirable about that, if you... Continue Reading →


To start off let me clarify this is not a blog post about embracing your better half romantically okay? 🙂 It's about embracing yourself, your life and what you're going through because everyone is going through something. Be it good or bad. My main and most valid point I'll try to get across is how... Continue Reading →


It seems like one of the lesser used phrases we hear today, almost as if people are afraid of it or afraid of what their encouragement might result in. Why? Why are we afraid to encourage those around us to do what they want to do or go where they want to go? Isn't this... Continue Reading →

Dementia & Us

I am one of those fortunate enough to have had my four grandparents growing up. Until several years ago when I lost my grandfather on my Dads side to cancer, the word most of this population is allergic to hearing. I am still lucky enough to have my nanny, my nana & my comical grandfather.... Continue Reading →


A lot of people are allergic to the word! Including myself. I have rarely met anyone who does like change. Everyone has change in their life and you can never know when a change might pop its head up. However sometimes you choose to make a change to make a difference in your life. I'm... Continue Reading →

Counter Theory

This one is close to my soul lads so buckle up! I would like to think I came up with this myself but I know I probably didn't! So counter theory is for those of us who work in the direct customer service industry, now isn't every industry some form of customer service you say?... Continue Reading →

B Is For Be Yourself :)

One of the lessons that you have probably heard over and over again growing up. Sure why would you want to be any way other than yourself? Or why? I tried before to be someone I was not and it got me into trouble all to just try fit in with certain people. Now I... Continue Reading →


Bulls**t is my new buzzword. It may not be a nice word but it just seems to suit life at the moment, because sometimes life can be BS. Everyone has BS, I was driving along the other day and I was thinking of the one hundred and one things I had to do and got... Continue Reading →

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