Am I the only twenty-five year old who has no idea where she’s going to be in five years time? It’s such a difficult question when people ask you “Oh where do you see yourself in five years time?” I don’t understand why interviewers ask that question. Realistically you’re getting the job to pay your way in your first few years of adulthood, what do they expect you to say? “Yes I still want to be here in five years time please hire me”, Now maybe you do want to be there in five years time and if so good for you, here’s to hoping with good intentions!

I am working in a retail environment (which will be a whole post on its own to come), and sometimes when I have a day (like most people do) where I would watch the place burn to the ground, I like to go on-line and see what jobs are on offer….good lord! How are people expected to get jobs in this country when everywhere is requiring “at least two years experience in similar environment”, “Bachelors degree and masters in accountancy and finance oh and plus a minimum of 3 years experience”, What about the people just getting out of college or school who have no experience and may not have all those degrees and certs just yet?

It baffles me these days the requirements some people set to hire someone. How are people supposed to get jobs or further their career if they cant get a foot in the door anywhere because they don’t meet the minimum requirements? Feel the circle coming on yet? It’s a vicious one. My heart bleeds for those lads and lassies who have poured money, time and effort into years of college or months of courses to pursue a career path only to get a job in the complete opposite direction, I know several people who have studied to be nurses, teachers, accountants and they have either left the country or taken jobs doing something they just have to do because they don’t meet the hiring requirements…

It’s the reason so many people leave and go to Oz and what not. I have heard of so many people who just have no work because places wont take on the time or effort to train people up any more, they want people to walk into the job and get it done. Now it’s understandable some places need these kind of people but how is one supposed to learn new skills if they already need experience doing said skill? Get my drift here?

Then there’s the likes of moi! I wanted to do this blog for so long and start my book, I also want to do radio but I am scared to pump money into getting a radio diploma incase it’s a total and utter waste for me. For those people that have found their way and landed on their feet and are onward and upwards, kudos to you guys! You should be proud, it’s a hard thing to get done in this country and I firmly believe that. I was close enough to getting into a state job only for the process took so long and gave me the time to think about it and if it was what I really wanted to do with myself. I revoked my application and couldn’t be happier being honest, I felt it was the right decision for me but yet people were like “Its a state job for life”, “You get a state pension”, eh hang on… am I wrong to think that any job is a job for life if you make it so?

Being in your early twenties can be tough and I always notice people asking us, “Oh what do you want to do with yourself?” Well people…. how about for now let us contemplate what we want to do and strive to get to where we want to be.

Queue philosophical saying,

Life is short and it’s a tough place to be at twenty something but we will all get there in the end… head down…. follow through!

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