You Do You…

Now here’s a debatable one 🙂

Lets clear one or two or maybe three OR FIVE things up before I get stuck in

  1. I have no disrespect for anyone who looks after themselves
  2. Everyone has every right to be so proud of themselves for something
  3. I am on both sides of this argument ok?
  4. I am no Mona Lisa
  5. I do believe in the saying, IF YOU GOT IT FLAUNT THAT SH**T… (within reason!!)

Everybody heard of the slogan ‘skinny is not sexy,healthy is’

Okay lets reflect for two point five minutes. So does that imply that skinny people are not healthy? Does it also imply that skinny people are not sexy? The same way with all the sayings for curvy girls, there is no particular one such as the one above but if you type curves into Pinterest I swear it’s all depressing stuff that comes up like ‘beauty is on the inside that’s what counts’ so do her beautiful eyes not count? Or her lovely smile not count? This BS is what bothers me… all these saying and slogans floating around makes you wonder what does society want you to be exactly? Healthy but not skinny but if you have curves you can only be beautiful on the inside, ergo you’re not sexy? What do these sayings imply to young people these days?  That crap was different when I was growing up, but then again social media was not such a big influence ten years ago as it is now.

Social media plays a way bigger part these days when it comes to being influenced..! When a girl, for example, goes onto a social media and sees these kind of sayings what is she to think? Does she think she is not sexy? Not healthy? Only beautiful on the inside? I remember when social media sites took off and all the stories I heard in school of people making themselves poorly because they were trying to look like that one and be like this one and I think it’s creeping back in slowly but surely but seems all hush hush.

There is social media which plays an 80% role in most peoples lives, lets call a spade a spade people! There are millions of different people who put up pictures and what not of themselves in various different situations. For example I am one of these people who uses my social media to let people see what I am up to or where I have been or what I am doing because I like to share my experiences or my happy times with people. There are then people who have the balls to upload post or pre workout pictures with a million hashtags, people who post filtered AF pictures, now we are ALL guilty of using filters but I have witnessed first hand when someone looks totally different in real life to what they are uploading on social media! Why bother? Why cant you just be yourself? Why would you be afraid to be yourself? There are foody people who want you to see their fine dining while you are chomping on your four euro chicken roll, there are site seekers, globe trotters, space, science, boys, girls, sex, clothes, money, superstars, houses, animals shall I go on? You know what social media is now? One big giant competition 🙂

I believe personally that almost every picture you see has an effect on you whether it’s good or bad.. believe it or not its actually a scientifically proven fact! You see a picture it triggers a thought or a memory or a feeling, sometimes even a sense. For example imagine my dismay when I scrolled through insta and seen some beautiful lady holding her boobs with her hands (why?) with a body that you could probably grate cheese on, in her big marble bathroom and I sitting there on my second slice of a Dominos pizza?  I wanted to fuck the rest out and go run 5k… Not that beautiful girls fault whoever she was but it triggered something in me, like a sense of guilt or disgust with myself and then i turned to my boyfriend and started reddening his ears about how I was going to start back at the gym and make all these life changes in the next half hour…So I glanced in the mirror at my Hun Bun and looked at the slice of pizza and asked myself ‘What the f**ck am I feeling like that for?” Does that lady know she had a 2 second impact on my brain? No? Would she really care? Does anybody else? Not unless I ring them and cry about it…So I finished my pizza and it was f**king lovely 🙂

Now I want people to know I am in no way at all disrespecting people who post pictures of themselves doing whatever. I am ‘sitting on the fence’ as they say about it. Some peoples pictures are inspiring and motivational like those you see sweating for dear life, while others are just nonsensical. I agree with people showing their progress, as I said everybody has something to be proud of, but these profiles firing up two and three pictures a day of themselves wearing next to nothing is not all that encouraging to 50% of people and I am part of that 50%! I personally much rather seeing someone sweating over weights rather than the after session ‘melfie’  two hours later, now some of those melfies are fab but they don’t motivate me to so much as scratch my nose!

As humans… we should encourage one another and I do encourage lots of people around me as best I can. I just don’t think all posts are encouraging or suitable for all people. Putting pictures up to boost confidence is what we all do… but the more some people post the more likely it will affect someone somewhere for the negative.

I asked someone I know (who has asked to stay anonymous) who posts pictures of herself up regularly long after her work outs, why she doesn’t post gym pictures or instant post workout pictures of herself and she said she didn’t want people to see her all sweaty and tired! When I told her that I thought that was more encouraging then some of her other pictures she actually listened to me and posted one several days after of her just out of a gym session and she said she gained a few more followers on her social media because of it and a little bit more praise! She was showing what it was taking to get her to where she is now and people loved it. She was felt she was being real after all.

My point is lovelies is that it doesn’t matter what you look like or who you see doing this or eating that… it’s how you feel. If you feel like crap then ask yourself without making excuses, why? If you feel fantastic then share it with everybody else with encouragement. Social media should be about support and encouragement for each other not who does what the best or looks better in what. We cannot fix social media but we can sure as fuck help one another. Be honest with yourself, be honest with your friends. Don’t let the competition of social media pull you in, don’t feel like a sack of shite after seeing that picture or post. People are going to post good ones and bad ones. It is a free country and people are entitled to post what they like but everybody should have the moral compass to post something while taking into consideration the possible effect it will have on other people.

YOU DO YOU! Be whatever and whoever you want to be….and share it with the world!

Queue philosophical quote…

“Compliment people, magnify their strengths not their weaknesses. For we rise by lifting others”

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