People Talk….

In the last few years I have realised that no matter what…people will always talk! It’s just part of the human trait, bare in mind it won’t always be good talk! I know everyone has a little gossip chinwag now and then but this is more so to do with those kind of people who just have nothing but bad things to say about people! Even when I started this blog people had things to say about it, there was helpful criticism which is fair enough and then there was just pure negativity and I just thought to myself that some people just never have anything good to say…ever!

Even now I know there are some people out there absolutely reading the back off me about my blogging, do I give a hoot? Nope! Why? Because realistically it’s not really affecting  my life unless someone comes up shouting at me or something I don’t really care what shade people are throwing my way. One of the best life lessons that my parents always thought me was that people will always talk. Simple as! There are lots of people out in this world of ours who just don’t have anything good to say most of the time and it’s sort of sad. Granted most countries are free countries and people are perfectly entitled to opinions (hello opinion going on right now) but sometimes I just have to ask myself, why say anything at-all if it’s nothing good? Some are good at the salt and pepper outlook of it all, bit of positivity but throw a pinch of negativity in there too.

I spent most of my teens and early twenties giving a crap about what people were thinking or saying about me, but  I’ve come to the senses that this isn’t my world nor is it a McFly song as it’s not all about me (loved that song). I have seen & heard on nights out how others stand up and criticise those around them for the way they are dressed or the way they look or the how they’re dancing! Why bother? How could you be so shallow as to do that on a night out with your friends…stop, enjoy your night. Let that person wear those flourescent green shoes you wouldn’t be caught dead in, let them do the snorkelling dance move and let them wear that crazy hat that you just can’t deal with! Are they affecting your life? No!

Worrying about what people are saying or thinking is a case of mind over matter. Your mind persuading you that their opinions matter. And if you have people you think that are bothered about you, you could be wrong, they may not even be one single bit! A good example of how some people have nothing better to do is certain social media outlets that allow people to share tips or tricks on certain beauty or fashion things and you can see if you sift through some of the replies or comments how someone has just launched into this individual person and its nothing but mean, rude and nasty stuff. There’s kind criticism which I always find easier than launching into someone. Everyday is a learning curve.

Lads, even if you were blessed by the pope himself tomorrow someone….somewhere is going to have to have an opinion on it! You know what you do? you don’t give a rats ass 🙂 This can relate back to my previous post ‘Trying not to give a f**k’ …head up & follow through. If you walk around with confidence and not give into the BS it kills the haters more.

*Queue Quote*

“Be absolutley FEARLESS of what people will say or think about you  and stay above it”

p.s Don’t you love my rainbow sunglass wearing unicorn 🙂 he ain’t gonna care what other people think now is he 🙂 be a rainbow sunglass wearing unicorn…

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