You Do Enough So You Deserve It

No matter what lifestyle you live you deserve to relax! Trying to relax or wind down as I like to say is a fifty-fifty business, I personally sometimes find it very easy or next to impossible while others are just highly strung or as cool as a cucumber. I am in the past few weeks really concentrating on winding down after a day at work! My work can get really stressful (mind you some think it’s not, but we will discuss that at a later stage) and it’s hard sometimes to leave work at work which I’m sure lots of you can relate with.

I know it isn’t convenient for a lot of people to incorporate ‘me time’ into their schedules but unless you are a machine and do not stop going twenty-four hours, seven days a week then there’s always at-least ten minutes of the day where someone can fit in a shake off moment and just relax. What people like to do to wind down is obviously individual to each person, I personally enjoy going for a walk with my dog in the nearby woods to just clear my mind and take in some fresh air. Also I find putting my phone down and reading a book is good for the soul. It’s nice to peel away from the phone which is like an extra limb at this stage. I also love a good Kodaline/Coldplay playlist 🙂 That’s just me.

I am aware some people may have children, it is okay to sometimes share your time, you’re doing what you like for yourself and just sharing a little bit, may not be ideal but it’s giving you a few minutes to do something to bring you back down to earth. Also remember if you can’t take your hour-long soak or whatever you like to do to relax…just remember there will always have to be a time in the coming days without the kids or the hectic lifestyle you could be living with work or travel or whatever it is you do. In an age with anxiety and depression which is such a heavy weight on a lot of minds I think it is super important to just stop yourself for a few minutes in the day and take a deep breath, do that inhale for four, hold for even and exhale for eight exercise (google this, it’s kind of neat) and give yourself a quick pep talk.

I often forget to do my ten minutes in the day when I am just concentrating on getting home at six, this could be me struggling after two hours in work and the day just seems so long which is a standard day. Believe you and me if I do not do my ten minutes or tell myself to shake it off and just breath I will become captain crank. I always remember that there are twenty-four hours in the day, seven days in the week so there is always going to be and has to be a time where I can just be with myself and arrange my thoughts. Since I have started doing this I have noticed how others like to relax or how some people are just floating around the place because they don’t ground themselves. A few weeks ago I was one of these floating people, I wasn’t making the time to just chill the heck out and I was so highly strung I cried when I dropped and broke a dinner plate. The crying was a good release but please! Crying over the plate was when I knew I just had to stop & tell myself slow down and breath for a few minutes. It’s been working well for me so far so good.

I could go on for another half hour about relaxing and different ways but I don’t think you can actually tell anyone how to relax because as I said, each to their own. Everyone is different.


“Almost everything will work again if you just unplug for a few minutes…including you”

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