Anxiety 2.0

So anxiety.. how do we deal with it? Well there are hundreds of different ways! It took me a few months to come up with ways that suited me. It’s a challenge in itself. One thing I do find helping me and you may think it’s strange but saying no is really beginning to feel easier. Instead of dragging myself somewhere I don’t want to be (unless it’s necessary) or doing something I don’t feel up to I just say no, without coming across as an asshole obviously. I don’t make excuses anymore, if I would prefer to be at home wrapped in a blanket in my pj’s instead of going out then I’ll do it. you shouldn’t have to make excuses or explain yourself to people realistically, especially family and friends who should understand.

I have several niches which help me get along. I find colouring is a good one, them complex ones where you have to use sharpies? Excellent to ease you out and to pass some time and to concentrate on. The whole ‘me time’ thing which I did a blog on already (Unplug) is proving quite the gem. A good facial and a few candles lighting can work wonders for the soul.

Now this next one deserves its own paragraph. I started a book a few weeks ago and honestly it is the best go to I ever invested in, I know reading can be challenging for some but this isn’t a heavy read. It’s by an Irish author, Caroline Foran called ‘Owning it; Your Bulsh**t Free Guide To Dealing With Anxiety’ and I honestly cannot recommend it enough! I’ve told a few friends about it and they even purchased. Caroline hits the nail on the head so to speak about anxiety and how it feels. She talks about things like how social comparison is bad and even has an anxiety survival kit. There are also some side notes from a clinical psychologist that Caroline worked with who breaks it down and explains what anxiety is and does so very well and very simple. The book is also zero BS just like it says! It has calmed me about my anxiety and it makes a little bit more sense to me now.

That’s what you need to do is find your go to! Something you’re comfortable with and makes you feel better. I was so highly strung from anxiety, some days I still can be, but because I am finding my go to and trying to make my plan I’m overcoming it slowly. It can be done. There are loads of places you can get ideas on how to help with anxiety, I find Pinterest has thousands of little charts and downloads you can keep handy on your phone. Some people recommend the app ‘Headspace’, which I have not tried myself yet but it looks good. You can talk to someone, ask your doctor if you think it’s very bad or get the number of a local therapist if you feel the need to. It’s okay to do all this research and all these things. It’s what these things and people are there for.

Queue cheesy quote take two 🙂

Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough.


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