The A Word

Yeah you guessed it, anxiety! It’s such a common word in today’s conversations as so many people suffer from it. In case you’re wondering or unsure anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. It affects everybody differently some mildly and some suffer very bad often leading them to depression. I myself would be a mild sufferer in the sense it loops in and out of my days in its own little annoying way with the slightest thing setting me off, slowly but surely I am learning to overcome it accordingly.  I could feel uneasy in a place I am or I find in long car journeys I get a bit uneasy but my biggest trigger is when it comes to a night out. Now I’m twenty-five so you could be asking yourself why a night out? It’s a lack of confidence in myself and in my wardrobe, I’ll easily go through 3 or four rotations of outfit changes before I decide and I have nice clothes it’s just my negative thoughts streaming! I know it may seem silly to get worked up over but it has led to crap nights out where I’m in demon form or I just end up not going out altogether because I can’t pull myself together.

Anxiety can creep in to you in many feelings, it can be frustration, anger, feeling on edge or a sickly feeling that I call bad butterflies. It’s awful. On a very bad day it can almost feel impossible to shake off to keep my head above water and just breathe. It takes either a major bitch fit or hit a mental wall where I just end up physically and emotionally wrecked! I’m pretty sure some of you can relate.

There is one thing you need to know if you suffer from anxiety – you are not alone. I know it may seem awful cliché but it’s true. You are one person  in such a broad spectrum of people who suffer. Don’t drown yourself in thoughts of thinking that you are alone. I only became open about having anxiety in recent months when work stress and anxiety clashed I had to take time off work, I told myself I suffered and that I had to accept it.

I am aware that not everyone can or will understand why someone can suffer from anxiety, but sometimes you don’t need to understand – unless it’s really serious and you think it’s leading someone you know down a darker road – sometimes you just have to acknowledge that you know someone who suffers and you have to be their rock, lean-to, shoulder or whatever in their times of need. There’s a saying that I see quite often now, “It’s okay to not be okay” and it is so true! You’re only human, you are not expected to go around buzzing on life every day, if you do then go you, you must have fantastic energy!

When it comes to overcoming anxiety you need to find an outlet, a routine an exercise, a place, person or thing that helps you to overcome your anxiety when it hits you like a freight train. A plan if you will. I know some people get panic attacks and they’re just not nice. I have a few niches that I find help me along the way. It’s in the blog post Anxiety 2.0 🙂

Queue cheesy quote,

“The hardest step you will ever take it to blindly trust in who you are”  – Atticus

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