B Is For Be Yourself :)

One of the lessons that you have probably heard over and over again growing up. Sure why would you want to be any way other than yourself? Or why? I tried before to be someone I was not and it got me into trouble all to just try fit in with certain people. Now I have people in my life that love and appreciate me for the absolute honest weirdo I can be at times. If you’re trying too hard to fit in with people who you feel are changing you or are trying to then heads up, they are not your people! You should be with people who accept you for who you are – even if you’re friends with someone who is obsessed with Katy Perry and the colour pink whereas you like AC/DC and the colour black if that person isnt trying to manipulate you or change your interests then you are doing good.

Growing up I think everyone goes through a stage of trying to find themselves and who they are, what they like and the kind of people they want to be around. There are currently, 7, 519,393,226 (and counting) people in the world so if you think there isn’t one Β person or group of people who would accept you for you then think again! What would happen if you spent your time going around trying to be someone you’re not just for people’s acceptance? What a waste of time & effort it would be when you get no where with them and you could have just been yourself the whole time.

Everyone has a quirky side – example I have this thing where I randomly burst out rap lyrics, especially Nicki Minaj lyrics, it’s like a fit or something, at times it wrecks most of my friends heads especially if I do it more than once, then other times they can get a great laugh out of it. Another thing I do is wear what I want to wear, I am pretty sure I have said this before about me not jumping on the bandwagon too much when it comes to fashion trends, I either don’t like it or cannot wear it. So yeah I’ll wear those converse from two years ago and yeah I’ll wear that hairband from Claires Accessories that makes me look twelve.

I love on nights out seeing the confidence people have to be themselves, whether they are dancing, singing or wearing something crazy, rather than being perched on a cloud of doom stuck in some corner pretending to be someone they are not. It’s an admirable trait to be yourself! That’s why it is super important πŸ™‚

QOTD3 “Do not change, simply find yourself”

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