I used to always be scribbling all the time, it could have been a short story at the back of a copybook or lyrics to a favourite song or a quote that I loved, these little things soon turned into notes to people or diaries, then in my late teens I really fell in love with writing and wrote my first book! It’s lying somewhere covered in dust, it’s not a multi million selling book but for a sixteen year old to write three-hundred and sixty-four pager, it was an achievement to me. I have started one or two more books since but never finished them because life got in the way of life!

I had always heard about blogs and bloggers, I read the odd few articles and I remember around the same time I joined Snapchat was when the whole ‘snapvlog’ frenzy started. Soon my friends and I were swapping snapcodes and recommending people. I had kind of ignored the idea of blogging, I thought the art of writing was dying out, but blogs are still very much alive today and bigger than ever and Snapchat is a handy way of updating people, I do it myself, I am slowly starting to roll out the snapchats myself, I think it’s a nice way to connect with people and it’s some what on a personal level and I am just getting used to the sound of my own voice! I reached out to one blogger when I really started thinking about starting up my website and said that I was afraid to do it incase I died of mortification…so nearly a year later with no sign of it happening I got bored and started to think about the way I thought about things and looked at different people and thought I have a voice, why the hell don’t I just use it? So two months ago I started the motions and now I love it šŸ™‚

I won’t lie it was a small headache starting off, trying to organise the website and get it the way I want it and managing it, I got loads of tips off other bloggers and to be honest it’s a nice community to be in! Alot of bloggers are so quick to get back to you and answer any questions you have or replying with advice or just to answer your question. Being apart of the blogging world I have realised that there is a blog for absolutely everything.Ā It’s crazy the amount of people who take the time to sit down and write about something they are passionate about. It’s dedication.

If you are thinking about blogging and you have a strong voice about something or you think you’d be good at it. Do it. If you sit down and plan it out coming up with a strategy that suits you and take it step by step, you won’t go on. Most importantly you won’t regret it. It won’t be easy at first it will all be up in the air. If you think you will fail (which you shouldn’t think but it’s a natural feeling) you could very well surprise yourself! With the work you complete and the impact you have on people, I know I am.

If you are scared of negative feedback then don’t be, you can only grow from it. My key saying in doing this whole blog business is that I keep telling myself that it won’t be for everyone but it could be for someone. There are so many bloggers out there who are relatable to someone in a way. If you feel it in your bones to do a blog on something you’re passionate about then get to work, I dare you šŸ™‚

QOTDĀ , “You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in you own way”

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  1. I love this post. I felt the same way. I’ve always thought about blogging but never had the guts to try it until now. Reading your post has made me feel. better and motivated. Thanks šŸ˜€

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