Bulls**t is my new buzzword. It may not be a nice word but it just seems to suit life at the moment, because sometimes life can be BS. Everyone has BS, I was driving along the other day and I was thinking of the one hundred and one things I had to do and got super frustrated on my only day week off work too, so I called it & told myself it was all just BS. The things I had to do, work, my hair, the weather outside. All BS. When I say life is BS, I don’t mean it’s always bad but just sometimes having to adult is just meh and I want to go back in time to when I didn’t have a care in the world. I know so many of you will agree guarantee it.

Whatever is going on in your life just take a look at the crap that’s going on in the world for it too is full of BS. I’ve learnt one very important lesson in life and its to look after your own BS first and stay out of other peoples crap. I have gotten involved in other peoples crap before down through the years which has led to fights, losing friends, bitch fits, nasty texts, name calling and if I could turn back time I would walk away from it all. I think everyone also has had a similar situation in their lifetime. Lately I have taken the back seat approach which is to just sit back and say nothing, unless it involves me or my own directly. Why would you get involved in other peoples crap? You don’t really need to because it only adds to your own BS to be honest. Then as a result you’re trying to deal with your own BS and taking more on board too. There is mild BS, as in something you really rather would not do but you have to do it, like I had to pick someone up from the airport a few weeks ago and would have rathered be in bed curled in a ball but I had to do it.

This is where friends come in to play. Friends should be the ones you vent to, share this BS with if it’s really bogging you down. I can safely say I have a great group of friends who listen to my BS, I have different friends for different situations because I know certain friends may be dealing with the same kind of BS so I won’t burden them with mine…so if you’re feeling overwhelmed with BS thenhit up one of your friends and talk it out.  My family will hear the work BS or other family BS… poor family 🙂

Next tine you start to panic over BS just call it as it is, tell yourself it’s BS and that you either gotta deal with it or it’s not your BS to take on board! I know that may be easier said then done, but I have a little thing that I find great…. I sometimes cause myself a lot of bother or BS because I’m either too opinionated or not opinionated enough for some people, so what I do is I have an opinion bag… so basically I just keep it to myself and put it into the bag for safe keeping (p.s this is not a real bag just a thinking strategy).

If I was to write blogs on BS I would be here all day everyday. Just remember that everyone is either going through or has gone through some sort of BS and it’s different for everyone. Some of us are unfortunate enough to experience ‘Deja Moo’ which is when you’ve experienced this kind of BS before so expect the bullshit but never accept it.

QOTD2 “If anyone had a not so good day today do your best to rock that shit tomorrow. Life is too short for two days of BS in a row”

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