A lot of people are allergic to the word! Including myself. I have rarely met anyone who does like change. Everyone has change in their life and you can never know when a change might pop its head up. However sometimes you choose to make a change to make a difference in your life. I’m talking about unpredictable change, that’s what I’m allergic to. When my routine gets turned upside down or altered and I begin to just feel uneasy (hello anxiety!).

There are thousands of kinds of changes that can happen in one’s life, it can be from the colour of your hair to new beginning in a different country. Some take the chance with their change, recently I did it with my hair and I love it mind you I was bricking it incase it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. While sitting getting my hair done I had the time to ponder on this thought and it occurred to me that more often than not you can actually control your changes to a certain degree. Some people believe that the ‘world’ gives them the change for a reason and that’s okay, others decide to make the change in order to embrace their world. Sounds awful philosophical but it makes sense. The only thing you cannot control unfortunately even though so many of us wish we could are life or death situations. These things are above and beyond anyones control.

Prime example of a change I want to make in my life is my job. Ultimately if I got offered another job it’s up to me  whether I am willing & committed enough to make such a drastic change in my life. Changes in lifestyle can be tough to commit to but everyone will always try one hundred percent to. I personally am a ‘dipper’ and a dipper is someone who dips in and out of commitment – it’s all down to mindset. I’ll be going great there for a while doing reps and sets and attending the gym & fitness classes then something will change my mindset and I hit a wall & give up.

I believe if you fully commit to making a change in your lifestyle to try to make it better or give yourself a kick up the ass then the rest will follow after, as in it will all fall into place for you. I am currently working on trying to change my ‘resting bitch face’ and my moods, taking into account it that in turn this will change the effect I have on those around me. I feel like when I’m in bad form it drags everybody else down. I am willing to try make this change. I am also going to commit in the next week or so to getting my fitness back on track…no I am not going to go off and run a 5k. Baby steps!

Changes such as a ‘last minute change of plan’ like moving dinner from seven to eight when I’m already half way in the road  or a change in work. Changes in work can be very small or very drastic and it’s the worst when you just get comfortable with one thing and then it’s all changed to another. Some people say that change is as good as a break… I never really understood that saying but I guess it kind of means that if you make one change it distracts you from all the other distractions in life. I’m not sure if I am misinterpreting that but that’s how I define that saying for myself.

I think the longer you are aware of a change coming or due to happen the more time you have to come to grasps with it and get your head around it and be okay with it. Unpredictable buggers can just throw you completely off course and throw you into a pit of anxiety. If you have time to asses your situation then see if you can grasp it and take charge of it yourself, if not then you just have to accept that it’s not your fault and out of your control. There are changes we cannot fix or undo. There is always a way to deal…it just depends on you!

Always remember that life will throw curve balls at you and try incorporate an uncomfortable change somewhere. Change needs to be okay and you need to be okay with change.


QOTD: “You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” – C.S Lewis


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