To start off let me clarify this is not a blog post about embracing your better half romantically okay? 🙂 It’s about embracing yourself, your life and what you’re going through because everyone is going through something. Be it good or bad.

My main and most valid point I’ll try to get across is how important it is to not deny your feelings but to embrace them. In the past few weeks I have felt a hurricane of feelings from anger to sadness, love & loyalty, confusion and anguish with just a drop of pride. Example being I lost a family member in recent weeks and I held it together for several days, I somehow took it upon myself to keep myself distracted and help with kids and do this and that, for the sake of the family I said I’d keep it together, no crying or anything. Then on the fifth day I caved, I was denying the way I felt, the situation and feelings it was bringing with it all week and then bang! Tears and convulsions from the moment I woke up until I ended up worse for wear later in the evening!

For ages I was analysing why I felt certain ways, why and how I felt that way, what was triggering it. I ended up feeling so tired one week I just sat back and said to myself ‘it is what it is’ and embraced that I was feeling crappy. I knew that I was frustrated & beating myself up for not knowing why I felt the way I did sometimes, but now I realise it’s okay to be that way. I’m sure anyone reading this have had those days where they think the whole world is out to get them and has gone home or wherever and cried for no reason right? And has anyone ever turned to you and said “You know you probably just need a good cry”, it’s so true!

Sometimes your body can feel stressed out and crying is its way of telling you ease up. You’re body will often be trying to tell you something when you’re feeling a certain way.  It is okay to  be baffled by how you’re feeling sometimes, just don’t over analyse it just think about it to a certain extent, now if you’re feeling in love with someone I’m not advising you embrace your feelings to the extent you land at their doorstep with flowers in your birthday suit okay?

I don’t believe it’s okay to deny how you feel either. Listen to your body and what it’s telling you. If you’re feeling sad, lonely, anxious, excited, tired, sick, in love, fantastic, proud and loud then embrace it. Better to be feeling something rather than nothing! If you embrace your feelings, you gain better control over them and in the end more than likely a stronger understanding of them.

Quote Time ——–> ” You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see but you cannot close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel” – Johnny Depp 

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