If there’s one thing in this life I have learned its that people come and go in and out of your life. It’s apart of the learning curve that is life. This will always happen with friends. Some people grow up together and stay friends forever and there’s something very admirable about that, if you have one of those kind of friends then that’s pretty cool! However sometimes people can disappear from your life or drift out of it all of a sudden & you will wonder how and you will wonder why – know that you won’t always know why or how or be able to come up with a reason for it. It may just happen so don’t give yourself a brain crease by trying to determine those reasons.

You can’t always justify people’s actions in this life, more importantly you can’t always control life. Sometimes we can be in the wrong, in time to come we may realise this and regret being the cause & effect of a friendship or a love lost. Perhaps we are never in the wrong and we bend over backward to conjure up the reasons why.  I have had plenty of people float in and out of my life and that’s okay because I know why some drifted out yet there are those who I have no clue but I am gone past the stage of trying to understand why. That’s another thing too, the longer you dwell on how when where & why the more time you’re more than likely wasting so just move on from it, accept it for what it is, without being bitter about it!

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends or feels like you’ll never find your people or if you fall out with people it is okay! This is a life lesson, in the sense that it helps you to learn what it is to trust, judge character, defend yourself, admit defeat, apologise, forgive, hurt, anger! More than likely everyone has had almost one person screw them over or they have screwed someone over themselves! Think back to that time and I guarantee you learnt a lesson from said situation?

If you have a good group of friends that you fit with and that you trust and laugh and create memories with then stick with them, for they are your tribe 🙂 Don’t find yourself stuck with a bunch of people who make you feel you can’t be yourself or those kind of ‘friends’ who take the piss out of you all the time & genuinely hurting your feelings!

Sometimes life can get in the way of life and could lead you and someone else who means so much to you down different roads, which is perfectly normal. There is no one to blame. It’s nice to have those kind of friendships where you may not see one another for weeks, maybe months on end but when you do it’s as if nothing has changed. Everyone has a friend in some shape or form, it doesn’t always have to be the school friend or the neighbour, it could be a brother or sister, cousin or auntie or a pen pal in Switzerland or a friend you’ve gained through social media? As you go on in life you will find your kind of people. And if you see someone on their own, be nice, don’t assume they are some sort of ‘loser’ with no friends, be kind & compassionate because you don’t know their situation.

I cannot say enough how it’s nice to be nice! Especially if you’re friendly to someone! Aren’t you more likely to be remembered for being that nice friendly person rather than that condescending a**hole? If you have a friend who you know is going through some BS at the moment let them know you are there for them, without sticking your nose in their business, you’re offering your shoulder or your ears whatever you may think they might need. It’s what friends are for. No shit stirring or bitchiness. Just fixing each others crowns 🙂

There is no ‘age limit’ as to when you can stop making friends wither, you don’t have to have all your friends gathered by the age of twenty-one and say right that’s it no more friends these are all I need, you’ve no idea what life could throw at you! I have made some fantastic friends in the last year or two. Go out into the world, be a nice person, make friends, lose friends, make mistakes, make memories & learn what it’s all about!


“Some people make your laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter and your life a little better” 


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  1. I really enjoyed reading through this. I personally reached the point in my life where I don’t need any drama, hence I got rid of a few people who were toxic to my mental health. I’m glad you’re sharing this point and I do hope a lot of people take the value lesson out of this article! 😀

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  2. What will stick with me is the line you mention ”Just fixing each other’s crowns” That’s what true friendship should be like 🙂 Of course some friendships aren’t like that. Not saying it is a toxic one, but sometimes the funnier friend might not be able to handle serious situations when a person is feeling down, but they try their best in bringing entertainment to you 🙂

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