Giving Up & Getting On

Ever have those days, weeks or even months where you feel like nothing is going your way and it’s one thing after another going wrong and the powers that be to which you believe in are out to get you?  And you want to kill everyone that gets on your last nerve? Relate? Yes, okay good. I talked before about trying to turn life around and how it can be hard to make a fresh start especially in the society in which we reside today, well this is what follows. I call them bitch fits. Those moments where you’re like f**k this, f**k that, f**k them, f**k everything and you want to pack your stuff to move to an unmanned island & have a volleyball as a bestie and call it Wilson? 🙂 I get these mini bitch fits often enough where I just freak out and things may snowball a little bit, but guess what? i don’t even care. If life doesn’t trial & test you and you lose your s**t a tad then are you even human?

Sometimes my bitch fits could be just sitting down to have a good cry because I don’t know how to deal with a situation, sure sometimes my bitch fits can mean I decide to throw my toys out of the cot once in a while and I might make some crap decisions but my bitch fits are my way of dealing with life when she’s acting up. I also spoke before about how the anxiety can invoke the over thinking and the snowflake turns to a snowball and so on and so forth. It’s perfectly normal to have a miniature melt down I think. If we didn’t think the world was going against us now and again then how would we ever learn to deal with situations that arise?

Now I am sensitive to the fact that sometimes life can be a total bitch and treat others a thousand times worse than the next person, we all know people who turn around to us mid mini melt down and say stuff like ‘It could be worse’ or ‘worse things are going on in the world’, Ya we know there is but right now the world is going against us and we feel like we are dealing with a lot of s**te and we just wanna be in our little bitch fit bubble mmmmkay? At times you just have to let people be and deal with their stuff, let them know your there for them if needed but don’t be one of these people who tries to compare their situation when you may not know the depths of the despair. Granted I have probably said this to people myself in the past but after the month I’ve put down I won’t be!

Everyone has moments, past present or future, where they just wanna scream & retire with life and win the lotto and not have to do a scratch and not deal with reality right? Other people do a good job at seemingly keeping their s**t together (or so you may think!) and well done to them but perhaps they will eventually have a moment or a bitch fit or mini meltdown in time to come? Just don’t compare your crap to other people’s crap, thinking ‘oh how can they deal with it so well’ when realistically you don’t have a clue if they really are?

Giving up is a strong term of words, it has many different side roads with definitions. For example, ‘I’m giving up that job’, ‘I’m giving up the cigarettes’, ‘I’m giving up that car’, ‘I’m giving up with that relationship’, ‘I’m giving up with that person’, ‘I’m giving up trying’, etc. Loads of examples. It could mean anything for anyone. Who the hell knows. Be aware that there are people who feel so tried and tested by life they don’t know how to deal anymore and seek more drastic measures, leaving loved ones & friends behind. When you think of the depths a person has to reach to even think of that road it puts all you small problems into perspective! It does happen and it’s sad to think about.

This post is not about that though, it’s just about how we all have those moments in live where we just give up trying so hard and want to crawl back into the womb and start all over again. This month I gave up on trying to hard with people, because you just can’t be pleasing everyone simple as. I could go on to say how to deal with it and so on but I cannot tell you how to deal with your own situations. All I’m saying is have your little bitch fit, deal with the situation at hand and get on with your life. Cop on to get on 🙂

Quote Of The Week:

“Do not lose hope, please believe that there are a thousand beautiful things waiting for you. Sunshine comes to those who feel rain” – r.m drake





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