Have A Laugh

Bare with me on this one. Remember in my previous post I spoke about how you can have those days where you feel the world is out to get you? Well this post is about turning that feeling on its head and pulling yourself out of it.

A few weeks ago I was feeling as low as a snails undercarriage and I called a few of my close friends and asked if they wanted to meet up just to get out of the house for a while and hear what was happening in their lives & I can honestly say I had the best laugh in a long time, my friends are not comedians by any means (although we all think we’re hilarious) we are a group of witty, one liner, twenty odd year old gals with all our own shit to be dealing with who just gel together. I was crying laughing and in that moment of laughter drying my eyes I thanked them for making me laugh so much, now I wasn’t getting special treatment by any part we were just together as a group having a laugh. Since that night I have been in great form and every time I feel myself slipping down the angry negative side of life I think of all the funny things that were said that night and many nights before that.

I realised it’s so important to laugh. I know that’s so cliché of me how dare I but it’s bloody true! Note, you don’t need a group of six friends around you making you laugh all the time, just that person or those people who bring that comfort into your life. It doesn’t even have to be a human, let us not forget mans best friend & our pets. My poor pooch Gizmo has seen me in plenty of states from anger to laughter to sadness to joy, whatever, even thought he has not one iota as to whats going on and is only waiting for a treat to be produced from my palm – when he licks my hand wagging his tail doing that silly wiggle he does it makes me crack a smile no matter the mood.

It’s important to seek out what brings you back to life and sets your soul alight, again how cliché of me but I stand by it. Believe me, nothing pleases me more than plugging in a Lady Gaga album and acting like I’m rehearsing in my room for the next Superbowl, that too makes me go wild but I feel one hundred times better after I do it. It’s whatever you need to do right? I also don’t have children but I have small friends that belong to my bigger friends and they do nothing but brighten my day when I see the innocence, sweetness and rapid growth of them 🙂

I know life can be hectic for us at times and we can find it hard to squeeze everything & everyone in but it’s an essential health necessity to maintain a consistency of laughter in life. It doesn’t always have to be anything special, me and my friends were sat in a car eating Pizza the night I was roaring laughing. It can be a simple soccer game with the lads, having the girls round for a cuppa, date night with significant other, movie night, a walk with the dog or a cuddle with the cat. Whatever it is make sure it’s going to make you smile or give you a laugh. When I take a step back thinking I have nowhere to turn at times, I now realise all I need are my outlets for a laugh. Whatever fits into your schedule! Now if you don’t have a bunch of witty one lined friends like I do then there has to be someone or something that eases the stresses & struggles of life a little?

Think back to a time you laughed a lot after this post. It can be last week, last month, last year, ten years ago! Whenever, I hope it makes you smile 🙂 

“Always find a reason to laugh, it may not add years to your life but it will surely add life to your years”


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