Hazards To Humanity

Where do I begin? First of all read the feature image,click it and read it. How true is that? The world is now a place where we are made unhappy in order to get stuff to make us happy? Advertising & influencing at it’s finest or humanity at its lowest? You decide. I could probably write a short novel on the world & humanity and what’s expected of us nowadays but I don’t have enough brain capacity to even think about it because it’s so vast! Have you ever asked yourself ‘when did things get so hard?’ If not then please let me know what it is you do in or with your life that there aren’t moments or days where you are baffled by how hard life can be? I’ve often said on bad days how I wish t be born a Kardashian in the morning, but you know what they don’t have it easy, yes they do in the sense they buy Lamborghini like I buy groceries but they live in a world where society expects them to be something everyday, they live in the public eye. Any famous person we think has it easy because they can wipe their bums with a fifty euro note and it mean shag all to them…we should rethink that statement about them having it easy. No one really has it easy do they?

Take a step back, now I am not being hypocritical here when I say this because I will admit that I use every platform going but social media has ruined an upcoming generation. I’ve said it multiple times before how children are not children anymore, they are thirteen going on thirty, they don’t respect human engagement anymore unless it’s via Snapchat or whatever, people are panicking they won’t have data or WiFi when they go abroad? You’re off on holidays, how about you interact with humans? Social media started off as a connection outlet, now it’s an influencing market beyond belief! It’ll show you before and after pictures of that lady and you think WOW I have to get that tea! You see special alarm clocks that drop and roll on the floor and you think WOW if Kimmy K is using it I must have it too. Look at all the people bringing out the same stuff, lipsticks, eye shadows, creams, mascara, brushes, anything…..one giant competitors market! As adults, we are aware (or should be) on how much damage social media can cause, it’s why we now have the term ‘digital detox’, I don’t remember that saying around ten years ago do you? The internet is one of the biggest hazards to society I believe. Yes I use the Internet, of course I google why cats and dogs don’t get on and what not, but sometimes it’s so hard to get sucked into this word of negativity and pressure and expectations. Look at all these online fads, ‘blue whale, ‘the slenderman’, chat rooms, look at all the horror stories that come from it? And who did that? Humans. A human jumped on their keyboard and created dangerous hazards that altered the minds of mere children.

Nothing is private anymore, especially if your online. No matter what your privacy settings may be. I’ve talked before about the impact of social media and it’s effects on mindsets just from looking at a five-inch screen held in your hand. ‘Influencers’ is the buzzword of the year. How many bloggers do you follow on Snapchat? How many of them talk (half willingly) about this and that product and how many of you reach straight for your Visa Debit? Yes I have been influenced by stuff I see bloggers wearing or using, now granted there are some bloggers who are just popping on to let you know how they are finding something in particular, but you can tell when someones trying really hard to promote something can’t you? Don’t get me wrong the Gucci belt that was doing the rounds on social media last month is currently sitting in my wardrobe and is my most prized possession at the moment. I was influenced because I liked it but I am not going to go pay nearly fifty dollars for a lipstick just because it is endorsed by some big wig celebrity. I can’t justify it when I can probably get forty of them in Penneys for the fifty dollars 🙂 We are in a society where we are so easily influenced by people we see on social media, humans expecting other humans to follow suit.

Dial it up a notch. A nasty notch. Go turn on your news, or glance at the news online even. What do you see? Humans being a hazard to other humans in a way we may never understand. Murder, bombings, rapes, shootings, death, racism, corruption, destruction? We have now become a society where we question GOOD news. I see it all the time, a news outlet will report how a rescue centre for puppies just got a fund from the royal family of Dublin (for example) and queue the keyboard warriors with their ‘there are worse things happening in the world’, ‘what about the murder in ten buck two?’. Stop! Why can’t there be good news, even for a few minutes, do the puppies not deserve a good home and a good shelter in the mean time? It’s like when there’s good news, we think that they are neglecting bigger things happening in the world, when that’s just not the case. So what do we want? A delivery of negativity wrapped in a headline every day? No thank you!

Our world is falling apart because humanity is corrupt from evolution. I know time goes on and things evolve I get it but for a land where we are so focused on mindsets and positivity then why are we so cut throat all the time when it comes to good news? There is a whole deeper darker side to the point I am trying to make but I don’t want national debates or arguments going down either! I am on a small island, in a tiny corner of the world, I cannot fix its problems, I can only try make it better for myself now. This is what we all have to do. There are hundreds of thousands of types of humans on this earth but you and I? Just one organism trying to make our way. Create a bubble, let in & out what you want but protect your bubble for it is your life, don’t let hazards in, don’t let shitty people rain all over your parade day inside your bubble.

Humans can be so cruel, rude & nasty to one another but they can also be kind, loving, caring & compassionate. I see it every day working with the public. Lord knows I won’t cross that bridge!

Obvious hazards like, money, drugs, drink, phones, online, influencers, laws, governments, society, humans. If you think about each one individually I bet you personally can relate to a time when they were a hazard to your humanity & your bubble.

“What a strange word we live in. We trade our days for things” – Atticus


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