Imagine All The People

It’s just one word but it can take you to a whole other dimension. If you simply take yourself out of your world, sit back and just imagine. What should you imagine you may ask? I don’t know really, I guess people imagine different things every hour every day of course, but have you ever taken it upon yourself to imagine what it’s like for people who are worse off than us? If you do then does it put your problems into perspective? I find myself, especially at this time of year, looking from the outside in if that makes sense. I think at Christmas time we are more vulnerable to feel an array of emotions. It’s supposed to be the happiest jolliest time of the year right? For some people it’s not and I think subconsciously we are very aware of that. Now I could be wrong and you could feel like one of Santa’s elves and I am not the Grinch  but I just think as the year comes to a climatic end and a new leaf in the book of life turns over we begin to question ourselves and the environment around us.

I now find myself lately putting myself into my Nana shoes so much imagining what shes going through. As she has taken two bad falls in the last three months it has slightly disorientated her. I am currently sitting in her house now and she’s in a cast, in pain with very little memory as to what happened or how or when. It’s as if she’s lost in her own world totally at times. Since my last blog post about my Nana (Dementia & Us) I have met so many polite people who told me what a great woman she was and what a lady she was, let me assure you ladies & gents she still is very much a lady and a great woman. Each day she persists to make us laugh with her smart witty comments and the comedy roadshow that are her & Grandads little bickers which they laugh off, it in turn applies what I call the sugar-coating effect to a bad situation. Sugar coating is when you know somethings wrong on the inside but it’s masked by laughter & moments on the outside and no one says it out loud. When I leave the house I feel my heart aching for them both, feeling so helpless & sad because I put myself in her shoes and imagine how hard each day is for her. I imagine what goes on in her head to make her come out with certain things, what she sees & where she thinks she is at times, now as I said before she quickly comes to the realisation that she’s talking slight nonsense but I see her struggle and wonder how it must be to know that somethings is wrong but not knowing how to fix it or ask for help or to be in denial. Not to mention the fact at how hard it is for Grandad who proves himself to be her sweetheart just as much today as he was for the first time 51 years ago ❤ Also thinking of how many other people going through illness deal with it and how hard it is for loved ones in their lives.

It’s not just my nana either, this year has been a strange one. A year of loss & little gain for some I think, some people have had a cracking year but everybody’s different with a different story. Throughout the year I’ve heard of tragic loss for people I know & experienced loss myself for the first time in a while and when I took a step back and think about how tough it is for those people going through such heartbreak and hardship it put all my shitty little problems into perspective. You hear of these shit things happening to good people and gasp when you hear the news & you’re shocked as you process it and then you evaluate the situation and think how the people going through it must feel! Think of all the bad news you’ve heard in the last year, now weigh out your problems beside those of the people living that bad news? Maybe your problems are big which they very well could be but maybe in contrast to others you know of they’re not that big of a deal and you’re milking it? I am not mystic Meg therefore I do not know the extent of what everyone is going through, all I am saying is to IMAGINE what other people could or may be going through.

Christmas doesn’t have to be that one time of the year where you have to feel grateful or jolly. Try it all year round. Then make your nect Christmas EXTRA special 🎄

Lately if I start to go down a negative mindset I try to quickly pull myself out of it and think of what other people are going through and it’s not supposed to make you feel guilty, sad or depressed, in some sort of twisted way it’s supposed to make you feel grateful. Grateful for the people still in your life, the food you have, the roof over your head. Remembering that there are those not even lucky enough to have those three basic things. To feel grateful is to feel positive and since 2017 was a year of pushing & promoting positivity all over this little planet of ours then end your year being grateful & start 2018 with a fresh head feeling happy and loved.

“Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind”



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