So that time again when the motivational speeches & quotes and the ‘new year new me’ resolutions roll into town. The month to make new decisions & routines, to brush off your shoulders and lift your head up once more and give yourself that kick up the arse you’ve been promising yourself since later November or early December. Everyone is abroad the January bandwagon. Are you on board for you?

How long are we going to keep the motivation & positivity up for? It’s the same every year, it’s all great for the first while then it slowly disintegrates. Look at 2017 for example, everyone was so positive at the beginning of the year and then all we heard about was Anxiety, even I jumped on it. It was one of many buzzwords for the year. A topic so many talked about but also one that so many related to, including myself! However on the flip side it created awareness and well-being for us all to try. Each year there’s a catch phrase to make the year about something, last year it was positivity, this year it’s the ‘make it the year of you year’ & I couldn’t agree more!

Get bitten by the motivational positivity bug for yourself this year and embrace it. Don’t slack after the first few months, keep it going, set it as your goal to just make it a selfish year, a year to put your mind, body & soul FIRST. Keep telling yourself to be selfish, not the Joey doesn’t share food kind of selfish but a good selfish, like a necessary selfish, which we all have to be from time to time in life right? Lord knows this is 100% my intention, cutting out the shitty people, trying to improve myself, my mindset and my general attitude on life because I’ll admit I can be a negative nelly at times, I can be that annoying ‘what if’ paranoid overthinking person. While I am all too well aware of my faults & flaws I’ve always just took it on the chin but now I’m going to try dedicate time to a year of improving my ways and all that jazz. So why don’t you do it too? Make it your year, make the changes you want to, do whatever will make YOU happy. Whatever new years resolutions you do promise yourself, make sure you’re doing them for you, not because Mary down the road is attending dance, slimming & yoga classes or because Joe is lifting weights everyday twice a day and you want to do what their doing even though it kills you. Do what benefits you and what you desire.

It’s all about pushing yourself, I think everyone has a threshold that needs to be crossed before they make that breakthrough of conquest. Somewhat of a motivational threshold if you will, like you want to do all these things but cannot summon the energy or will power to just get the heck up and get out and do it. Take me for example, I am standing in my own way. Currently wrapped up on the couch on the last day of my mini break like a couch potato conscious that I have to push myself to start my ‘new year new me’ in the next few days, but with shitty weather outside, a damaged bank account after the holidays & a gym membership that will cost me an arm & a leg to renew I am so not pushed to lift a finger. I have to keep telling myself to push myself passed my threshold that I have to absolutely do it for myself and that it will be okay and I am more than capable. So I will have to reach deep down, step out of my own way and just flipping do it, otherwise I will regret it.

So be it small or big guys, we can do it. We can do whatever we want really. Be it small or big, major or minor I wish you all the best with your new years resolution & hope you can stick to it. Remembering always that you are doing it for yourself & nobody else because for you it will all be worst it in the end 🙂

Stuck for an idea on where to start? Pinterest is full of ideas and I’ve created a board just for this month called January which I will put ideas, tips & tricks into each day that you can take from 🙂 Or you can google some ideas as well, there are thousands of guidelines to get you started if you need that little bit of extra help having your new year epiphany 🙂

What if you simply devoted this year to just loving yourself more?


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