Try One More Time

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How much of a Rachel Greene am I? One bad experience with the blogging and I just threw the towel in overnight! I gave up on my passion and recently have asked myself why and I genuinely did not have a good enough answer. My last blog post was January and here we are four months later deciding to jump on the bandwagon, mind you I’ll try to stay nice ad discreet for fear a ‘caller outter’ might dig me out and swallow me whole – let’s leave that debate for another post.

So so So much has happened since the new year. New job, more weight, less trials, more tribulations, the usual. The past couple of months have personally been very trying for me, I feel as if I’m chasing my tail twenty-four seven struggling with self motivation, mentality, well-being & my energy. Some days are great days, other days I want to start July 15th 1992 all over again. I think everyone goes through these periods in life though right? We experience rock bottom…sometimes we feel we may experience it more than once. There’s also that period of life where there’s rock bottom, ten layers of shite and you! That’s the current mood, but they are just moods and phases that we can pull ourselves out of if we just try but sometimes there are those who really struggle.

Recent events have made me think what a short life we really do have and that you never really do know when you might see or talk to someone for the last time. I’ve said it before that pretty much everything in the news is negative, social media has created a whole new world with a new generation so advanced its frightening. We get pointed out when we try to spread good news, there’s always one who pipes up with the ‘Why would you report on that when there’s this happening’ line. It’s as if no one can be pleased or content anymore – back to my point that I’m trying to get to. You hear all this bad news and say to yourself how it’s awful, how the family must feel or whatever. Take a look closer to home, all the snippets of bad news you hear. I cannot begin to tell you how many people I have heard of or sadly known that have hit such a rock bottom that they have seen no way out other than to take their own life and leave behind a world they they could not bare to live in anymore. There’s bad news happening every day on our doorsteps and it can be so overwhelming & at times consuming when in reality we truly have NO idea what goes on behind closed doors for other people or what goes on in the mind. I don’t want to get into the subject too deeply as it’s too sensitive but recently there was an interview with an Irish couple who lost an eleven year old daughter to suicide. How does an eleven year old even begin to think about that? How could things be that bad?

Realistically we only get one shot at this life, up to us what we make it. In love, friendship, work, laughter, travel, whatever you want. I know that sounds so cliché and you can eyeball roll at it all you like, it is in fact true and you know it’s funny, I am one of those people who should seriously practice what I preach (hello to friends reading this and nodding in agreement) but it’s one of my flaws, I don’t listen to my own advice unfortunately. Which is tough for me to be honest so I know I need to try.

I’ve come close to being ten layers of shite below rock bottom but never actually been there but I know people who have, some come out of it at their best, some just managing and sadly some do not come back from it at all. All we can do in these instances is try our best to be there for people and let them know that we are but most importantly we have to be there for ourselves too & sometimes we may need people, which is super okay I hope you know!

So out walking the other day feeling sorry for myself I asked myself was my life where I want it to be…my answer? No. I then asked myself why I gave up on my passions of writing & numerous other things…my answer? No f**king idea. Is my life as bad as I think? No, because I control it. I walked around contradicting & bickering with myself and ended up telling myself that there are others out there who are struggling more than me. Asking myself what I can do about it I told myself I just have to try again. I ended up quite pissed off at myself for letting myself down & giving up on things I enjoyed. I’ll make my come back via baby steps for now with the Blogging. I have so much I want to write about!

None of us can fix the worlds problems, but we can try to fix our own and in turn we can help others mend their wounds too.

“As you get older, it’s good to open up and acknowledge that everybody has their scary moments, their negative moments. And in order to move on and find comfort & hope, you have to stop running from the darkness and face it. And when you face it, it’s not all that scary at all and sometimes it actually turns around and runs away” – Dolores O Riordan


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  1. Wow!!! I loved this piece. You wanted to quit blogging? Hell no, we need people like you to speak and stand for the truth. You are an amazing writer whose very authentic and open to write about sensitive topics which are avoided.
    I’m new to the blogging world. I Just opened my blog at the beginning of the year. Check it out:
    I also want to open up and talk about sensitive things on my own blog as well but sometimes I feel nervous because of the people that I’m going to share it with (family and friends) but everyday I’m praying for the boldness to do it. Your piece has inspired and I’m so glad that you shared it.
    Keep writing!!!

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