We All Need Rocks

No I don’t mean physical rocks! I mean human rocks 🙂 The last few weeks I have slacked on the blog posts & you will have to forgive me because Ireland transformed into the Mediterranean in May and I have not been able to handle it at all. With a little bit of help and encouragement I’m back!

I have been doing some soul-searching which you can gather if you read my blog post titled “26”, if you haven’t then my soul searching has not been me meditating on some remote hilltop in the countryside somewhere, I’ve just been trying to find my zen. I still don’t have my life figured out but I am getting there with baby steps.

I’ve had some personal situations arise in the last few months that have made me question so much about myself, my lifestyle, my choices and more importantly the people I choose to be in my life. I’m on my own little journey to figure out the answers to said questions and while travelling this journey I’ve come to learn that everybody has to have somebody who is their rock. A hit me up at four in the morning if you need to kind of person, people who you can shed layers of yourself to. I always stand by my Dads advice that the only person you can really trust is yourself, of course, but you must have people you can talk to too, otherwise you will just combust! People who are there for you with zero judgement, kind criticism, understanding & with the will power to let you absolutely burn the ear off them for an hour on the phone. These people will share your pain, frustration, love, laughter, hurt & anger. They will make you cry or make you laugh but ultimately make a situation better for you in their own way. Most of all these people will LISTEN!

Genuine people can be hard to come by, they won’t go running off to the nearest set of ears or quickest group chat gossip session to tell other people your business. I have rocks in my life that I wouldn’t trade for the world ( Hi guys!) I know they are just a Whatsapp, text or phone call away without question if I need a shoulder or just a pair of ears to listen they are there. What makes it even more rewarding is that in return I am their rock & while I may not listen to my own advice half the time (practice what you preach and all that jazz ya) I like to be there for other people – it will often distract me from my own stuff and can help me realise some things too at times. You have to remember sometimes the person who is there for you the most may also need someone and what makes you think you can’t be that person? Is it not selfish if you go seeking help but then when someone comes to you, you cannot return the favour? Even if it’s just to let them talk without you saying anything, if you don’t know what to say then tell them, the better the friend the more they will understand you know.

A good rock will know that not all problems belonging to others can be fixed. In a society full of anxiety & issues I think to be a rock is to gain a rock. Let us remember there will come a time someone requires you to be their rock but you will have your own stuff you’re trying to deal with – without being nasty just simply explain you would love to help but right now you have stuff of your own you are going through and just need a little space to figure your own stuff out before you be their aid, if they get bitchy about it then I would be re-evaluating your little rock collection. Remember that life can get in the way of life.

So take a look at your circle, you got rocks? If you do… tell them 😀

“A good friend will not just tell you it’s going to be fine. A good friend will listen then tell you it’s all really fucked and the next few months will be hell, will call in pizza, pour their best liquor and tell you you are not alone”


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